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The modular-based design of our system allows for simplicity in retrofitting any crane with required safety equipment. Simple in design and operation, the Cranesmart system is easily utilized by operators and job-site foremen alike. Make the same choice as thousands of contractors have worldwide, contact Cranesmart today to outfit your crane with the best the industry has to offer.

  • Fits all cranes
  • Meets any jobsite requirements
  • Reliable systems overload prevention and industry-leading service means little or no downtime
  • Accurate and reliable crane scale
  • Wireless
  • Simple anti-2-block sytstem and load indicators are available
  • LMI (Load Moment Indication) systems compare load on the hook to the capacity and prevent overload (RCI) Rated Capacity Indication.

Happy Clients

If you’re wondering how our products work for others, look no further! 

” We’ve put many hours on the new LMI4 user interface since the install and are loving it. The new touch screen monitor is easier to see in any lighting conditions. The new monitor is also very user friendly and easy to navigate and was very easy to learn. It’s quick to make changes to load chart set up such as POL, and very quick to switch between winches. I also really like seeing all the current crane parameters on one screen instead of having to switch between screens for boom length.
After having the new panel I don’t think I could ever go back to the old one, it’s absolutely wonderful to run the crane with it installed. The service and help that Colin has provided with the install has also been wonderful and he’s always been quick to answer any questions I’ve had over the phone and is very knowledgeable about the system. I would recommend the new Cranesmart system to anyone and if you ever have the need to demonstrate the system already installed on a crane I would be happy to help with that.
One of the features I like most about the new panel is being able to download the crane logs to a USB stick and look through them on a computer in a matter of minutes
Dave Kromm, Owner
Kromm Transport Ltd.

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