Pipelayer LMI System

Pipelayer Safety and Efficiency. Made Simple.

Pipelayer Load Moment Indicator (LMI)/(RCI) systems from Cranesmart have achieved substantial endorsement from the world’s biggest manufacturers and contractors alike. Protecting operators, equipment, and pipeline integrity through a more effective pipe installation process has never been easier. For any machine, in any working environment, Cranesmart’s Pipelayer LMI is a valuable component to a successful construction phase in the pipeline.

  • Accurate
  • Reliable and robust
  • Meets all jobsite requirements
  • Protects pipe and pipe weld integrity
  • Displays weight on hook, overhang, machine capacity and weight on hook as a percentage of capacity (RCI) Rated Capacity Indication.
  • Overload warning system alarms when approaching limits
  • 2 year warranty, 10 year minimum serviceable life
  • Free transducer replacement batteries for life of system

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” Every time a customer of ours has required support on the Cranesmart product they are always available, providing quick solutions so that our customers can get back to work. “
Blake Shultis, Account Manager
Pipeline Machinery International

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