Load Moment Indication. Made Simple.

The Cranesmart Load Moment Indication (LMI) system (Rated Capacity Indication system) displays the crane position, capacity and crane load indication on each hook at all times during operation.  The system gives both audible and visual warning in overload or 2-block conditions.  Engineered lockouts are available for most cranes.

  • Overload prevention system clearly displays crane load indication on the hook and rated capacity
  • Shows the radius of the crane and boom angle indication
  • Level and slew position indicators can be integrated into the system if needed
  • Function kick outs are available for most machines
  • Anti-2-Block system and wind speed options are available
  • 2 year warranty, 10 year minimum serviceable life
  • Free transducer replacement batteries for life of system

Happy Clients

If you’re wondering how our products work for others, look no further! 

” At Allied Systems Company our Field Service Reps travel all around the globe to service our Marine Cranes, many of which are equipped with the Cranesmart LMI Systems.
We have used their extremely friendly and helpful Customer Service from domestic locations in North America to locations halfway around the globe and have always received timely and productive assistance when required. Any time that we have called on them for help they walk our techs through any troubleshooting with ease and when the project is complete we can be confident knowing that the system is fully functional and meets all safety requirements.

With Cranesmart we always know that they are a phone call away and the Customer Service Rep will stay on the call as long as needed for real time troubleshooting.

Allied Marine Crane Marketing depends highly on Cranesmart’s high degree of reliability as well as their prompt responses to all of Allied’s Engineering and Service related concerns.

Allied Systems Company designs cranes for extreme environments and has Marine Cranes on vessels from the frigid reaches of Antarctica and the North Pole, to the intense heat of the Middle East, and in the hot and humid tropical regions in between. Throughout the years, Allied Engineering has tried a lot of Load Moment systems. In this quest to find the best possible product, Allied has found that, by far, Cranesmart is the highest quality and most reliable system on the market. The company is also very flexible and easy to work with and the turnaround time for a new system is very fast. From the service side, we find that Cranesmart support is extremely fast to react, often shipping parts out the same day. Whenever we have a job that calls for a wireless load moment system, Cranesmart is the only one we call
Heath Munger, Field Service Manager
Allied Systems

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