Cranesmart’s history of developing product lines relevant to the industries we serve has been a mission of ours since company inception. Our engineers are able to develop practical solutions that build on our more than 25 years of industry experience. Supported by significant internal design capabilities, and a substantial history of custom projects, our solutions can be developed and implemented quickly and efficiently. We strive to provide the most effective and high quality monitoring solutions to any industry where safety and efficiency are valued.

  • Open and effective communication processes to best implement the design of your requirement in an expedited fashion
  • Purpose-built systems to look after your requirement, relevant to the pertinent factors of your job-site
  • Engineering support to ensure your requests are supported by the best in operational design
  • Flexible equipment design that can be implemented in the easiest way possible
  • Supported by industry-leading service support with the knowledge of every system produced, regardless of the custom-nature

Happy Clients

If you’re wondering how our products work for others, look no further! 

” We have 5 customers that have purchased Cranesmart systems from us. Every system is still up and running and our customers are grateful for the reliability and performance of their Cranesmart systems. Over the last 10 years these units have only required replacement batteries to continue to operate.

Every unit comes with Cranesmart Help phone number and the serial number pm the back of the display and in every single case, Cranesmart was able to resolve concerns or help users swiftly and effectively “
Hugh Paxton, General Manager
Sling-Choker Manufacturing Ltd.

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