Material Management

With high regard for innovation in our product line, Cranesmart has integrated our custom built load pins within material handling cranes for manufacturers and end-users alike. The ability to know the real-time weight of a pick made within a grapple or other lifting configuration presents ample advantages in job-site efficiency. Utilizing the weight of a pick, we can offer the ability to capture loads and totalize them with our load totalizing system, letting an operator or transport driver know the weight of their cargo. Knowing what the product weighs before it hits the industrial scale will help you eliminate under/over loading, creating a more efficient operation start to finish. Our ability to take the information gathered and output to accessible cloud storage facilitates better planning and execution from any machine, within any operation.

  • Eliminate under/over loading of material transports
  • Robust, wireless design, that allows for longevity of equipment in any working environment
  • Utilized by scrap and waste recycling, forestry, rail, construction and more
  • Save time and fuel by making efficient and effective picks with accurate load indication
  • Data acquisition can be implemented to monitor the full scope of daily operations across an entire job-site and multiple machines, both on-site, and off-site by company personnel

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